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19 Home Improvement Myths Busted

Home improvement jobs are not easy, and you cannot expect to handle them on your own. Here, you will learn more about some myths related to home improvement.

Myth 1: Always Go Big On Renovation

You don’t need to spend all your money on unnecessary renovation or remodeling. It could even potentially hamper your home’s resale value when you plan to move out.

Myth 2: Cracks Can Cost You

Cracks are caused due to seasonal expansions and contractions. It does not mean that your wall will break down. You can contact a structural engineer, if necessary.

Myth 3: Wallpaper Fits Anywhere

Wallpapers have to be installed properly and will not fit anywhere. Along with proper installation, the wallpaper should be able to withstand heat, moisture, and dust for years to come.

Myth 4: DIY Always Saves Money

Home improvement jobs do not save you money, if you do it yourself. Most of these tasks require expertise, and unless you know what you are doing, you may be worsening the situation.

Myth 5: Remodeling Is Easy

Remodeling is not an easy task. TV shows depict remodeling as an easy task and most often  do not showcase the hardships and struggles.

Myth 6: Green Is Expensive

Going green may require a good amount of investment, but it does save money in the long run. A solar-powered house may need a huge investment, but you will be paying a meager power bill to the state in future.

Myth 7: Pools Add Value

People think that every house requires an outdoor pool, and this adds value to the house. However, it is only true in warm regions. Other regions consider pools a liability as they have to be maintained in the winter.

Myth 8: White Walls Are A Plus

People are becoming more open to colorful walls, and light colors are not the highlight anymore.

Myth 9: Bedroom Over A Bathroom

You might want to have a bathroom for every bedroom as it provides enough privacy and facilities to residents. It is better to add another bathroom over a bedroom if there are fewer bathrooms for the whole household.

Myth 10: The House Needs To Breathe

There are always common drafts and winds blowing, and you just need to ensure that your house is efficiently ventilated. You need not take the extra step to ensure that your home can breathe.

Myth 11: Hot Water Tanks Are Low Maintenance

Hot water tanks require high maintenance and have to be drained once a year to prevent clogging and remove contaminated water.

Myth 12: You Can Flush Anything

It is not advisable to flush any product; flushable or not. They can clog your pipes and your drainage, which may lead to more plumbing problems.

Myth 13: Refrigerator Stays Clean

You need to clean your refrigerator coils frequently, and they are located at the back.

Myth 14: Go With Trends

Just because there is a new trend to improve homes, does not mean you should invest in it. You can, at the most, take inspiration from them.

Myth 15: You Can Use Cheap Products

Any product and fixture you use around your house should be of top quality and should be able to fulfill their purpose.

Myth 16: Paint Can Hide Anything

If your wall is damaged, then painting over it does not solve the issue. You might need to inspect the damage and repair it accordingly.

Myth 17: When Painting, You Need To Tape The Edges

Taping the edges is a great way to ensure that your painting is accurate. However, you need not necessarily use it.

Myth 18: Exhaust Fans Are Not Necessary

Exhaust fans are essential for bathrooms as excess moisture can lead to mold.

Myth 19: Home Improvements Add Value

Home improvements may not necessarily add value to the property. You might have modified the house according to your needs, but the buyer may not need that.