Going on A Cruise? Don’t Forget to Pack These Essentials

Cruises allow you to see many destinations and attractions while letting you stay in the same place, eat reliable and delicious food, and enjoy luxurious comforts. So, here are some essentials that you should never cruise without.

Natural motion sickness patches: Seasickness takes all the fun out of cruises. But these patches ensure that you always have a great time. Just stick them on, and you won’t be sick for the duration of your cruise.

Universal waterproof phone case: Cruising adventures involve a lot of water and sand. And you almost always will want to have your phone on you. So, use an inexpensive phone case that’s waterproof, scratchproof, and sandproof but lets you operate your phone touchscreen.

Neck wallet pouch: Every time you step off the boat, you’ll be asked to carry your SeaPass and a photo ID on you. You can store those along with cash, credit cards, and travel documents in this neat pouch.

Natural hangover relief pills: Cruises involve a lot of alcohol and sunlight. And you’re going to get a terrible headache with that combination. Use these natural hangover prevention pills with vitamins, electrolytes, and other safe ingredients to counteract alcohol intoxication.

Affordable underwater camera: Cruises often allow some snorkeling and scuba diving adventures. You’ll want to capture those memories without worrying about getting your camera wet. So get an affordable underwater camera.

Packing cubes: Cruise staterooms tend to be rather small. This makes organization important. Use flexible, zippered packing cubes so that your luggage is always neat, compact, and contained.

Activated charcoal: When you visit foreign countries on your cruise, you’ll want to try some of the local cuisines. And when that food isn’t compatible with you, you’re going to want activated charcoal tablets to stop you from getting traveler’s diarrhea.

Windproof travel umbrella: A lot of ports experience a surprising amount of rain. And because you’re by the coast or out at sea, it gets real windy too. So get a travel umbrella that’s compact but windproof. It also protects from the sun on hot days.

Long-sleeved swim rash guards: These offer serious UPF/UV protection for anyone who burns easily. You can’t go wrong with it.