8 Classics that Every Woman Must Own

Every woman, regardless of her age, body type, and style, must own these pieces. Whether dressed up or dressed down, these classic looks are always trending. If you don’t have any of these yet, you now know how to set the foundation for a timeless wardrobe.

Black pumps: Great quality black pumps work with jeans on a night out and office wear. Go for a high-quality pair with closed, almond-shaped toes in matte leather. Spend up to $150, and you’ll have a pair that’ll last forever.

Trench coat: These super-classic jackets are functional and flattering on all body types. They’re easy to wear with dresses or pants and present a professional image. Spend up to $300 for a great one.

Dark wash jeans: Dark jeans work with flats when you’re at lunch with friends, and they go with a sparkly top and heels when you have to party. Choose its shape as per your body type and turn them inside out when you wash them. Spend anything up to $100.

Pencil skirt: This classic skirt is universally flattering. Its higher rise and knee-skimming length look great on everyone and works for varied events and situations. It also pairs well with blouses, sweaters, and jackets. Expect to spend up to $75.

Riding boots: Budget up to $400 for a good-quality pair of sleek leather riding boots. These classic knee-length, no-heel boots work beautifully with dresses, skirts, and pants. They’re also very sensible.

Tailored button-up: Nothing looks as great with jeans or a skirt as a well-tailored button-up. Ensure that yours fits securely without any gaping buttonholes, and choose a flattering curved hem. Expect to spend up to $50.

Blazer: Blazers are unrivaled in their versatility. You can wear them with jeans and heels or use one to tone down a cocktail dress. Their classic cut flatters every figure and is the fastest way to look polished. Expect to spend up to $75.

Neutral satchel: If you only buy one bag, make it a neutral satchel. Its rectangular shape and numerous pockets provide maximum storage. Its structured shape goes well with work clothes and still works for casual shopping trips. Expect to spend up to $500.