Every Man Should Own These Fashion Items

Casual wear for men is often influenced by trends. However, there are certain classic pieces that are timeless. These are things that every man must have in his casual wear wardrobe.

Denim jeans: Great-fitting jeans are the backbone of all casual outfits and can easily be dressed up or down. Choose a quality pear in straight-leg styles and a dark wash for a polished look. Or go for cuts in lighter hues for a laid-back look.

Casual t-shirt: Easy to wear, subtly stylish, and versatile; a t-shirt can be worn with anything. Choose a classic crew-neck cotton t-shirt in plain white, navy, black, and grey. Make sure it fits comfortably.

Polo shirt: Slightly less casual than the t-shirt, the polo shirt goes well with premium jeans. Ensure it fits, and if possible, go for a premium polo with high-quality materials and cut.

Casual shirt: When you want to be casual but sharp, choose a casual long- or short-sleeved shirt. Unbutton and roll back the cuffs for a more relaxed look. Make sure the collar looks good when buttoned up and left open to the third button.

Chinos: Chinos are comfortable, stylish, and when paired with any casual shirt, t-shirt, or polo, change your overall appearance. Get the right cut in classic colors like khaki, navy, and beige. They’re great for smart casual and business casual.

Casual knitwear: Stylish and easy to throw on, casual knitwear works as an outer layer or under a lightweight jacket. Choose a cut that works with your shirt and t-shirts, so you always have multiple combinations available.

Casual jacket: Find a classic lightweight jacket to add individuality and a fashionable finishing touch to your casual look. Invest in something high-quality because the classics don’t go out of style.

Hoodies: Choose this streetwear staple in premium fabric and finishing and pair it with sleek pants for a non-sloppy modern look. The right hoodie acts as a layer to keep you warm while adding an edgy attitude and athleisure vibe to your look.

Casual footwear: White sneakers give you that classic look while leather ones look more polished. You can also opt for loafers, desert boots, or boat shoes to go for a smart look.