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5 Essential Gadgets For Every Traveller

Whether you’re a backpacker and like to rough it out on the road or whether you’re all about luxury travel, these handy travel friendly gadgets will go a long way. All these options are easy to pack, portable and very convenient whether you are going on vacation or travelling for work.  

Clip On Camera Lens

What would good travel be without some stunning pictures? You want that gorgeous shot of the London Eye at night or a picture at the Eiffel Tower without lugging around a bulky digital camera and lens. Enter a clip-on camera lens that you can fit over your camera phone. Made for both iphone and android, this handy device gives you a better zoom and resolution and is small and discreet. 

Tuck it into your day bag when you are making day trips to picturesque locales or slip it into your briefcase so you can get your shot even when you’re on your way to meetings. The image stabilization features and pixel resolution on some of the models will boost your photography skills and definitely up your Instagram game. .

Hi Tech Foot Warmers

Say goodbye to standing in an East European park concert and literally shivering in your boots. Hi tech foot warmers have come to the rescue. You simply slip them into your boot or shoe and they heat up just like an electric blanket would. They look a little like shoe inserts and they come with a tiny remote to adjust the temperature. The bonus for travellers is that they are small and quite easy to pack.

GPS Watch

A GPS watch is a tracking device that’s strapped to your wrist. Sure, it kind of does the job of a paper or online map, but often travellers don’t want to  keep pulling their phones or maps out of their pocket. Besides, a GPS watch is much more streamlined in terms of function: It will tell you when you’re lost and give you directions. 

You will need to consult a tracking device more often when you’re travelling which makes this buy a godsend. The advanced tracking technology works inside and outside cities and many even come with additional features. Choose one that tracks your steps and heart rate along with where you need to be going.

Solar Powered Gadget Charger

A handy little socket is not always going to be available on the road especially if you’re going camping, going on a road trip or simply heading out of town. Charging hubs at airports and other public places always have a knot or a line of folks that you’ll have to deal with to wait your turn. Who needs that? Charge your gadgets and phone on a solar powered charger instead. Its eco-friendly and so convenient too.

Portable Wifi

A portable Wifi can connect to a mobile device and share Wifi. It is a much smarter option than looking for free Café Wifi or than an internet USB stick because you can connect to the internet from any device: a phone, a tablet, an e-reader or a laptop.