5 Ways To Keep Your Sedan Clean

Keeping your sedan clean requires more than just dusting occasionally. The care you give your car could keep it looking shiny and new for years. The products you use could also help protect the paint, keep your windshield and windows scratch-free and let you have a car that you’re always happy to see and drive. Here are five simple tips that will help you give your car the care it deserves.

Choose The Right Products

The product you need to use depends on the condition of your car. So you need to assess what your car needs before choosing a car cleaning product. You could use a simple dishwashing liquid that will let you wash away dirt, grease, and old wax. 

But it will also damage your car’s paint job. That’s why you should use a cleaner that has been formulated to clean cars while protecting the paint. First use that product and then rinse it with water. In case you used a mitt to clean the car, make sure you wash that too because any dirt or grit stuck to it will scratch the paint if you use it without cleaning.

Clay Bars For Smooth Surfaces

Most of the dirt can get washed away with your product and water. But if there’s any tree sap or wax that’s stuck, you’ll need a clay bar to get rid of it. When you use it, it will clear any bumps on the car’s surface and make the paint feel nice and smooth.

Polish It

Polishing your car regularly is important. It gives your car’s paint a nice gloss that looks good and also protects it. It’s similar to what happens to your skin when you apply moisturizer. It also helps add depth to the car’s paint job and remove small imperfections in it.

Wax It

Another essential part of the car care and cleaning procedure. Waxing your car helps protect it from harmful UV rays that cause the paint to fade. Yes, the car’s paint is susceptible to UV damage, just like human skin. Most car owners that wax their car prefer using polymer wax over carnauba wax. Though it costs more, polymer wax is easier to apply, doesn’t haze when it dries, and can also be wiped off easily. It also makes your car look much better.

Windows and Wheels

Use a proper window cleaner to ensure that the windows are clear and scratch-free. Otherwise, tiny scratches can build over time and obscure vision, especially in inclement weather. When it comes to cleaning your car’s wheels, first you need to know whether your car has steel wheels or alloy wheels. Once you figure that out, choose a cleaner that’s recommended for your wheels.

Don’t stop there. You need to clean the interiors too. Get your carpets cleaned, or if you have a vacuum cleaner with a carpet cleaning attachment, use it to clean the car’s carpets. Also, remember to clean the air vents, the dashboard, the seats, all levers, and all the other tight corners to let your car look new and smell nice for a long time.