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Add Pops of Color to Your Space with These Interior Design Tips

Color adds energy and life to any space. But you have to do it right. Here are some tips to reinvigorating your home with all the colors of the rainbow.

Bathroom Colors

Try adding a bright color or two to the smallest room of your house. Combine graphic tiles with fixtures and accessories in bright shades of yellow, pink, or red. Match the color on the outside of the washbowl with the frame of the mirror while balancing that energy by keeping the walls white.

Abstract Prints and Sophisticated Shade

If you don’t want to go with bright colors, try mixing in abstract prints and sophisticated shades into your living space. Consider a bohemian-inspired living room with a pale blue sofa with pillows and two Memphis print chairs along with soft hues and patterns.

Jewel Tones

Add a bit of cozy glamor to your living room with chic jewel-toned furniture. Anchor the space with a bold colored sofa, e.g., violet, and place a yellow and an apple green chair on either side for balance. Add turquoise ceramic side tables to complete the look.

Butterfly Wallpaper

Take a white bedroom, and add butterfly wallpaper on the wall behind the headboard, an upholstered stool, Ikat-print pillows, and an embroidered quilt to add equal parts of energy and relaxation to the bedroom.

Colorful Turkish Rug

Add drama to the room by painting it a moody teal shade, a tan armchair, and an exuberant Turkish rug.

Mustard Yellow Decorations

You can liven up a modern-rustic-inspired place that’s dominated by woody shades with a mustard yellow sofa and some small matching decor pieces scattered around the room.

Get Quirky

Use colorful textile from all around the world to create a warm bohemian-inspired space with a funky vibe. Head to a local thrift shop for some bargain counterculture artwork. Find quirky accessories like decorative swans to place on the floor. Add a phrenology head on an end table. Make the space totally unique.

Colorful Curtains

If you prefer keeping most of the space neutral, try adding colorful, floral curtains and brighten up a family space like the living room or den along with an abstract painting.