Affordable Luxury: Get The Best For Less

Don’t compromise on creature comforts just because you’re on a budget.

Not too long ago, having features like satellite navigation, heated or cooled seats, cell phone connection, external cameras, and others meant that you were driving a luxury car. Mass-market brands would not offer such features, and even if they did, they’d charge a hefty premium for them. 

Not today. Almost all car manufacturers offer loads of features to make their cars more desirable than those offered by the competition. You can get everything from luxurious leather seats to amazing ride quality to even automatic parking systems in a car that doesn’t cost as much as an apartment. Here are a few of those cars:

Ford Explorer

The SUV that shaped the era for modern SUVs. The Ford Explorer redefined its segment since the time it was launched in 1990. It began life as a rugged, do-anything, go-anywhere vehicle and evolved into something even more special with each new edition.

The latest Platinum edition offers luxurious details like a brushed aluminum Ford logo on the steering wheel in place of the legendary blue oval. 

That’s just the start. It also offered a 12-speaker, 500-watt Sony music system that can recreate the sound of a concert hall in your SUV. It’s also quieter thanks to enhanced sound deadening, thicker glass, and high-quality door seals that effectively isolate the cabin from road noise.

Toyota Tundra

Wait. This is a truck. And trucks are known primarily for their ability to be powerful, have excellent towing capabilities, and be hard-working machines. They’re not even remotely luxurious. Well, the Toyota Tundra begs to differ. 

Actually, it won’t beg. It’ll roll right over any objections. It’s available in a four-door configuration, which offers a huge amount of space that will accommodate up to six adults in total comfort. It also features an infotainment system with a 7-inch display that recognizes voice commands, XM satellite radio, bucket seats, and chrome accents on the door handles, side-step bars, mirrors, and exhausts tips to give it a more premium look.

But there’s more. Trim levels like the TRD Pro offer black leather seats with contrast red stitching to give the cabin a sportier look. It is also equipped with backup sensors and a camera, remote tire pressure monitoring, and many more features. 

The additions also extend to performance enhancement. The Tundra has a TRD Remote Reservoir Suspension, which ensures that the shock absorbers will never overheat because of the attached auxiliary fluid tank. This takes the Tundra’s rough surface flattening abilities to a whole new level.

Kia K900

The Korean carmakers have caught up. First, Kia started churning out smart designs like their ‘Tiger Nose’ grille thanks to Peter Schreyer, who used to work at Audi before going over to Kia. The K900 also features this signature grille along with every other Kia on the market. 

This luxury executive sedan has been around since 2013 and has always offered features that aren’t usually found in cars at its price point. The K900 offers the option of a 5.0-liter V8, radar cruise control, powered trunk lid, self-closing doors, 360-degree camera monitoring system, and most impressively, a heads-up display. 

The HUD displays the car’s speed, navigation, blind-spot detection, and some other important information right on the windshield without obstructing the driver’s vision.