Best Spring Break Destinations For Seniors

Retirement might be a great time to get out and see what the world has to offer. Travel comes with many benefits like healthier hearts & minds, and a reduced risk of depression. Additionally, it can do wonders for your Facebook feed. Question is, where can you travel? Choosing the correct destination, especially for senior citizens, becomes pivotal considering your age, budget, physical abilities and interests. If you are around the age of 65 and looking to plan your next travel destination, we’ve compiled a list of senior-friendly locations that can turn out to be a memorable travel story. Scroll through these popular destinations and get planning and packing for your next outing with your dear ones.

U.S. National Parks

A trip to a national park is not just about hauling yourself up the rocks at El Capitan at Yosemite. It can also include a ranger-led nature walk amid the geysers of Yellowstone or a scenic drive past forests, wildflowers or a black bear or two in the Great Smoky Mountains. The price of a lifetime senior pass for National Parks might have jumped from $10 to $80 for Americans aged 62 or above, however, this is an unbeatable price for many on a budget. What National Parks do you have on your travel list?

The Caribbean

If all you want to do on your next holiday is sit back and relax with your feet in the sand, sky-blue water, and flip-flop-friendly weather, then the Caribbean is the place to be. It’s an ideal setting for solo as well as group travelers. More importantly, you may even find like-minded people of your age, doing activities that you like, once you reach there. The Caribbean offers many destinations with one flight ticket and a single itinerary. If you think you might have trouble getting around, you could also explore the region via ocean cruises. 


If leaving the United States is not on your mind but you still want to discover an unexplored destination, you can tick Alaska off of your travel bucket list. A travel destination inclusive of huge glaciers, whales and grizzlies, Alaska turns out to be a refreshing option, thanks to its supercharged landscapes and seascapes. If you’re looking for something less physically-intensive, Alaska offers options like cruises & helicopter shore excursions that provide accessible accommodations, mobility, and ease of convenience.

Central Europe’s Rivers

If you’ve set your sights on getting out of the States and visiting foreign destinations, Europe is a great option. Journey through the scenic swathes of Germany, Austria, and Hungary, thanks to the iconic European waterways such as the Danube and the Rhine. Cruises offer you a unique way to explore the diverse landscapes and impressive natural backdrops of Europe, and the pace on deck is always nice and easy. 


Another foreign destination which is a must on everyone’s travel checklist, no matter their age, is Thailand. The biggest advantage for Americans is what the U.S. dollar offers in terms of currency exchange – making the best of restaurants, upscale spas and four-star hotels stay remarkably affordable.