Follow These Tips to Lift Your Mood While Working from Home

Working from home got you glum? Here are a few simple and proven strategies to quickly elevate your emotional state. Remember that these methods are not a replacement for professional help.

Accepting Feelings

Negative thoughts and emotions are a normal part of life. Everyone feels them. But, whenever you do have any negative feelings, remember not to feel bad about feeling bad. Accept your feelings and understand that they’re a part of you. There are thousands of people feeling similar emotions. Tell yourself that it’s okay and that this emotional burden you have is normal.


There’s a lot of research on the benefits of gratitude on well-being, feeling positive emotions, building and strengthening relationships, enhancing health, and coping with difficulties. There are also several ways of cultivating gratitude. One way is to write down everything you’re thankful for. If you can’t come up with anything, start small. Recall challenges you faced or the worst times in your life and how you survived those. Practicing gratitude will improve your mood in the short term but make long-term healthy changes to your brain as well.


Aerobic exercise stimulates the production of endorphins which are mood elevators and reduces stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. But low moods make us want to skip workouts. Doing that would be similar to not taking an aspirin when your head hurts. At least head outside for a 15-minute walk or simply stretch a little. It’ll help.

Brain Shift

Working from home can be a struggle when you live with family because there will likely be a lot of noise and chaos. But shift your perspective, and it all changes. Instead of feeling like you’re stuck at home and are a victim of circumstance, consider the fact that you get to be at home with the loved ones you’d otherwise hardly get to see.

Plan Ahead

Planning something to look forward to boosts happiness. You may not be able to take vacations now, but plan something for a time when you can. Plan an extended getaway, or maybe enjoy repeated mood boosts by planning multiple short getaways and retreats.