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Four Quirky But Professional Office Gadgets

Your office says a lot about you. A messy desk could be a sign that you’re a creative, an organized one might speak to your attention to detail and the art you put up in your cabin or office reflects your tastes to clients and co-workers. But whatever your personal working methods, there’s nothing wrong with lightening up your work space with some cool gadgets while still keeping things professional. 

This is a list of four quirky desk and office gadgets that will keep you productive but also allow you to have a little fun. You know what they say, all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl.

USB Tea Cosy

Picture this. You get yourself a nice strong cup of coffee to help you get through your emails when you’re called in for an impromptu meeting. By the time you get back, your coffee has gone ice cold. Prevent this from ever happening  by buying a USB tea cosy. This tea cosy is something like your grandmother would pop over her old tea pot, but its powered by your PC. Pop it over your cup and stay caffeinated and happy all day long.

Keyboard Hoover

A grimy keyboard should be left behind in the 90’s where they belong. Take a quick break and get the hoover out: the keyboard hoover that is. This quirky product will hum happily over your laptop keyboard sucking out all the fluff, dust and grime out from between the keys. It doesn’t say so on the box, but it’s also a great way to annoy your overbearing desk mate. 

You can always claim that you are being hygienic for the sake of the office, if he complains too much. Jokes aside, this tiny hoover does the job it’s meant for very well. A clean keyboard signals an organised mind to clients, co-workers and your boss and once you get hooked to it, you won’t ever be able to remember your life before one.

StealthSwitch 2

The stealth switch is a sneaky little button that connects to your PC and snakes down to hide under your desk. You operate it with your foot sort of like a pedal. The button can be programmed to shut down windows or do any number of tasks while your hands stay poised over your keyboard. 

We don’t advocate sneaking in some personal social media time during work (which is why the manufacturers probably made this product). However there are a lot more uses for the Stealth switch from added productivity, to typing faster by programming the button to be a space bar or shift key or even fact checking or staying organised during busy meetings.

ArmRest Mousepad

Wrap your head around this: an arm rest that is also a mousepad! This cool product allows you to manipulate your mouse while leaning back comfortably in your chair. Work spaces are getting more ergonomic by the day and this is one cool product that ensures you don’t have to get a back and shoulder ache from hunching over your desk.