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Home Repair Checklist For Changing Weather

Seasonal weather changes are one of the biggest reasons that can adversely affect your house. Unless precautions are taken, you may end up spending thousands of dollars on repair. You need to maintain your house every year to avoid such damages, and this maintenance can be as simple as getting your home checked by a specialist. Only a small percentage of house owners get their homes inspected regularly, while others stay ignorant.

What if your roof has some cracks in it and it starts to rain heavily? Your house might get flooded in such a case, and it will affect everything inside the house. But if you get your roofs inspected yearly, such a disaster could be avoided.

Home Repair Cost Facts 

With fall and winter coming, homeowners will do anything to protect their house from weather caused damages. Any damage to the house will lead to costly repairs, and it can be easily avoided.

Around 56% of the homeowners surveyed take no steps to weatherproof their houses. And out of the 87% of homeowners that have been affected, most mainly faced three issues.

Top Three Issues Faced by Homeowners

– Drafty windows/doors

– Leaky roofs

– Pests

Generally, these issues are caused due to changes in weather. Around 51% of the homeowners faced damages to their houses during fall and winter weather changes.

You can get a routine inspection done once or twice a year or before any weather change to ensure that your house is ready to combat the changes, and no severe damages are caused.

Weather Change Checklist

Before you experience any weather change, you can go through a basic checklist to ensure that your house will not undergo any damages.

– Having simple cracks and crevices in the roof can lead to leakages during rain and can allow various dust particles or snow to enter your house.

– You can clean the gutters to ensure that they don’t form ice dams.

– Strong winds blow during the winters- sealing your windows is a great way to ensure that they stay tightly closed. 

– To ensure that your windows and doors have no gaps between the walls, you can set up weather strips.

– Pest problems are very common amongst homeowners, and you need to constantly check for pests in your attic or garage and even small gaps.

– Other than pests, ants are also a grave threat to your household, and you need to eradicate them immediately.

– Check the gutters and plumbing to ensure your basements don’t get flooded.

– Always inspect for any faulty wiring around the house.

– You also can protect your air conditioning from icicles or rain by placing some plywood at the top and bottom.

Once you clear this checklist, you can ensure that your house will not undergo any damage due to weather change. You can be at peace, knowing that your house is safe.