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How to Wear A One-Piece Swimsuit

Do you usually struggle to find the right swimsuit? If your answer is a resounding ‘yes’, then here’s a guide on how to wear a one-piece swimsuit. A lot of consideration goes into a swimsuit’s fit, pattern, print, color, and even texture of the materials used in making them.

Here Are Trendy, Chic Ways To Wear A One-piece Swimsuit And Look Stunning:

Tropical Print Kimono 

Wearing a bright colored kimono over your one-piece swimsuit is a great idea! If you plan to chill on the beach,  we’d suggest that you pick a tropical raffia print kimono to fit the island theme of palm trees and the environment.

A matching pair of sunglasses, sandals, and a wide brim hat will surely ooze elegance and provide sun protection for your face.

Going on a romantic outing at the beach or resort pool? Take his shirt and knot it over your one-piece swimsuit for an instant crop top. A pair of flat sandals will complete the look and allow you to comfortably stroll to the beach bar or poolside for lunch.


Ever wondered how stylish rompers could look on a one-piece swimsuit? Well, if you haven’t, try one on your next beach outing. Rompers are comfortable to slip into. Wear one over your swimsuit while stepping out to the pool or beach. They are incredibly stylish and lightweight to wear all day.

Polka Dot Swimsuit and White Shirt 

This is definitely one gorgeous way of wearing your swimsuit. A white button-down shirt is a must-have wardrobe piece. You could pair your polka dot or any beautifully patterned swimsuit with a white shirt worn in kimono style!

Block Party Cool 

If you are planning on hanging out with friends right after soaking and tanning at the beach, then this style is just perfect for the occasion. 

Throw on some comfy cut-offs over a thin-strapped swimsuit of a matching color, and you are good to go! Spice things up a bit with a lace-up espadrille or any comfortable and stylish flip-flops. 

Pretty Polished

How about you take things up a notch with your choice of swimsuit and accessories? You could pair a flagpole swimsuit with a beautiful skirt for an astonishing look! A moderate size handbag with matching sexy sunglasses and sandals can add glamour to your look. 

Flaunt these styles to the beach or pool and steal the show with your sense of fashion!

A one-piece swimsuit is fashionable and flexible for an event, such as a dinner date after having a lovely time at the beach. They come in different sizes, colors, and body types, so it’s only a matter of finding what suits you best!