Independent Living Solutions For Those Wanting To Age At Home

Our homes are very important to us. It’s a familiar space with which we associate many memories from our younger years. It reminds us of the good times spent with our family and dear ones and it’s where we spend the majority of our daily lives. It is a source of our comfort and a major part of who we are. 

Most seniors prefer to maintain their independence and choose to continue living at home for as long as they can. Luckily, there are a lot of options, services, and helpful solutions available today that make this choice safe and doable. 

Technology Solutions To Assist Independent Living

Even if staying in your home is important to you, you’ll still have concerns about safety, getting around, or everyday activities.

Luckily, many technologies geared toward helping seniors’ in their day-to-day lives are now available. A growing segment, these technologies promise to provide solutions specific to the needs of senior citizens. Any assistive technology, device or gadget that can make their life easier or more efficient can be a solution for independent living. 

Security, mobility, and health are the top three things to think about. Any technology that can provide additional safety and security in an easy-to-use manner is a great addition to a senior’s home.

Consider investing in the following devices if you plan on living independently in the future:

Home Alarm System: It not only provides security but also gives you peace of mind if you’re afraid of intruders.

Medical Alert Systems: A 24/7 emergency contact and a fall-detection technology will provide added security in the event of a medical emergency.

Medical Tracking Gadgets: Any mobile gadget that allows you to send or receive medical feedback will help you stay independent, safe in the knowledge that someone will come to your aid if and when needed.

Cellular Phones Or Tablets: It will help you stay in touch with your family, friends, and loved ones. It not only provides added security but also helps you to stay connected to the outside world.

Medication Dispensing Systems: They do away with the fuss and worry of organizing the medications and administration so that you don’t overdose or forget to take your medication.

Home Modifications And Products To Assist Independent Living

As we grow old in our homes, we may find that daily chores and activities become more difficult, especially if our mobility becomes impaired. There are tons of specialized products that can be purchased from local stores or rented online which can make life easier. You can modify your home to facilitate health care, depending on your specific medical condition and needs. To give you a general idea of what solutions are available, here are some examples below:

Bathroom Accessories: Chairs, shower seats or grab bars, walk-in tubs and other aids can help you relieve yourself safely and reduce the risk of falling during bathing.

Bedroom Accessories: Adjustable beds with a remote control to lift up or recline the bed.

Grooming And Personal Care Items: Dressing aids, specialist footwear, adaptive men and womenswear, and specialized grooming accessories.

Mobility Products And Accessories: Scooters, ramps, wheelchairs, walking aids and other accessories.

Climbing Aids: Home lifts, stairlifts, and other stair climbing solutions.