Killer Fashion Tips for Summer’s Worst Days

We look forward to summer. But on some days, it can be rough. What makes those hot days worse is trying to figure out what you can wear and still be comfortable when you step outside. Here are some options that should keep you looking dry and fresh.

The best footwear option for summer is something flat, open-toed, and sturdy to keep your feet from slipping out. Buy them early and break them in before you start wearing them on the hottest days of summer.

When the mercury rises, you should also choose a size that’s bigger. Bermuda shorts and button-downs aren’t as short as Daisy Dukes and tanks, but the loose fit will allow for better air circulation and keep you comfortable.

Don’t step out without a wide-brimmed hat. Choose a chic one like Babajaan’s Carmen Sunset Panama hat. Keep things casual with a folksy chain necklace that hangs loosely around you, like the All Sorts Chain necklace from Lucy Folk. Stay active with a pair of the Teva Original Universal Flat sandals or the Mango Spike Jelly sandals.

Stay stylish and cool when you’re out with a striped seam back t-shirt paired with a comfortable set of white leather brogues. Add a splash of color with a solid blue minaudiere from Zara.

Keep things breezy with a comfortable pair of neutral-colored culottes from Mango. They go beautifully with a pair of Greek-inspired sandals from Swell. Add medium round tapering hoops from Dinny Hall, and you’re set.

The classics still work. Pick up a pair of chick Jacquard Tapered trousers from Issa London. Add to it a 2750 Cotu Classic from Superga. You may want to consider the Lydia Mini Phone from Karen Walker as well. And let’s not forget Mora from Shoemint.

Step out with the bright Topshop’s MIni Chunky Zip Crossbody bag and add a dash of freshness with the Maryam sandal from Shoemint. You’ll look chic and still be cool and comfortable.

And when the temperature really rises, choose swim tops. They keep you cool, and many out there look like bustiers or cropped tanks. This won’t do for work, of course, but it’ll look super smart.