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Read This to Know when You Need to Replace Your Mattress

The usual information regarding mattress replacement says it should be replaced every eight to ten years. But there are several variables regarding construction that need to be considered. A mattress on a box spring or with good center support or a high-quality mattress may last longer than an economy mattress. Even the weight of the person or people sleeping on it has an impact on its longevity. But most of all, it depends on the type of mattress. Let’s take a look.


These mattresses have steel coil springs with various foams and fibers inside. There are also different variations of this mattress with different topper materials. These mattresses will last between seven to ten years or even longer. It all depends on the quality of the mattress and the spring construction. The better quality ones have resilient coils, denser padding, and tend to carry longer warranties. If yours is two-sided, flipping it over as recommended can make it last longer.

Memory Foam

These mattresses conform to the sleeper’s body and return to their own shape later. It lets two sleepers have their own comfort experience. There are different types of foams and combinations available. They tend to last longer than traditional innerspring mattresses and have a lifespan of about ten to 15 years. The very best ones can last even longer.

Gel Memory Foam

These have gel beads or swirls integrated into the memory foam. This mattress redistributes heat and is cooler to sleep on. Depending on its quality, it can last up to fifteen years or even longer. They should be periodically rotated head to foot.


These are made from natural or synthetic latex and are very durable. Natural latex with dense foam is especially long-lasting. Lifespans of 15 years are normal, but a lot of people find them very hard.


These use layers of foam over a series of innerspring coils, and people usually find these to be the most comfortable of all mattresses. Most have normal memory foam, but some have gel too. While information is limited, they have warranties of up to ten years, but good quality ones may last even longer.