Step up Your Style Game in Your 50s with These Fashion Tips

If you believe that being stylish doesn’t matter once you cross 50, you’re wrong. This is the time when you take your style game to a whole new level. You’re at an age where you really know yourself, and your wardrobe needs to reflect your soaring self-esteem. Here’s how to make it happen.

Small prints: Move away from large bold prints. Choose a smaller print but don’t wear it from head-to-toe. Do it right and it can look slimming and work as a conversation piece for all women.

Pocket square: Before 50, men aren’t mature enough to pull off a pocket square with any real gravitas. But now, you can. Like a fine wine, it’s your time to be brought out of the dark and presented to the world in a great suit complete with a pocket square. And maybe a vintage-inspired watch.

Leggings: Only wear leggings at the gym. Or at home. You can’t wear leggings anywhere else after you turn 30.

Subtle branding: You’ve reached the age where you can afford some quality garments. So yes, by all means, indulge in the well-known, expensive brands. But don’t flaunt that brand. Choose garments with subtle branding like a small logo instead of the name printed or embroidered in large, garish letters.

Minimal heels: It’s not just about being age-appropriate. Heels that are too high can encourage bad posture. So keep your heels on the lower side.

Love your glasses: This isn’t school, and no one will be making fun of your glasses anymore. Once you’re over 50, you need to embrace all your natural features, and your glasses are one of those now. They also make you look wise and attractive.

No ankle boots: Only wear ankle boots with well-tailored trousers that taper off at the ankle. Otherwise, leave them to teenagers and let them pair the ankle shoes with skirts and dresses.

Tie: Step up your tie game with wool ties, knitted ties, silk ties, and more. Throw in a bow tie as well. Hopefully, you’ve gotten rid of those novelty ties by now.