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The Best Home Appliance of The Year

Take a look at some of the most unique and interesting home appliances that you may want to use at home.

Hairdryer: Panasonic Nanoe EG-NA67-W

This is the first hair dryer that draws moisture from the air and transforms it into tiny droplets to keep your hair moisturized while it dries. It also has an oscillating quick-dry nozzle that moves left and right to not scorch your hair even if you hold the dryer in one place for too long.

Tub: Kohler Stillness Bath and touchless toilets and faucets

This bath recreates the experience of a traditional Japanese soaking tub. It can fill up to your preferred depth and temperature based on your instruction. There are also aromatherapy and fog tower features included. Kohler also offers touchless toilet technology that allows you to flush with a wave near the handle. It also has puck-shaped sensors that can make faucets touchless.

Smart toilet: Toto Wellness Toilet

This toilet can analyze the skin in contact with the seat and waste in the bowl to understand your state of health. Its accompanying app will suggest food options if it believes that your diet is unbalanced. We’ll have to wait to see whether this is a medical device or a wellness device.

Robot vacuum: Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum

This robot can sense when it’s going to be on a carpet and lifts its mop, and switches to vacuum mode automatically. Its tank can hold 10liters of water to cover up to 2100 sq. ft, has ultrasonic cleaning, and can run for three hours on quiet mode.

Shower: Ampere Shower Power Speaker

This is for the people that like listening to the news or music while showering. This waterproof speaker that can attach to any showerhead uses flowing water to turn a rotor connected to a generator that charges its battery. It can also be bought with color-changing LEDs.

Fridge: Samsung Bespoke 4-door Flex Refrigerator

This fridge can be bought in any color you like. It has a compartment that can change from fridge to freezer depending on the temperature. It has a pitcher that automatically refills and a built-in infuser that makes flavored water. You can also choose between cubed ice or ice bites.