The Truth Behind SUV Popularity

Is everyone suddenly going off-roading?

There are SUVs in every segment of the market today. There are SUVs that look like hatchbacks on stilts, crossovers, compact SUVs, mid-size SUVs, and the usual big hulking SUVs. And they’re all selling. Look out at the street, and you will believe it when we say that SUVs have become the most popular body style in the country today.

But Why? 

Most of these ‘SUVs’ would curl up into a ball and cry if they were ever shown a boulder, much less be able to handle off-road duties. They might inspire a sense of adventure in their owners, but they’re firmly soft-roaders. 

SUV purists probably clutch at their low-range gear lever while shaking in anger at what has become of their beloved niche segment. Despite all that, there seems to be a common consensus that SUVs are sensible to use on city roads and highways.


For the space, SUVs have cavernous interiors that can be packed with everything you own. The only other vehicle you can do that with is a van or a big people mover. But SUVs also have other advantages. Along with more storage space, they also have more headroom and more legroom than other types of vehicles. 

Their doors are large and also tend to open wide. This makes ingress and egress easy. And while they have a lot of ground clearance, many soft-roaders have been designed in a manner that doesn’t require people to climb up into them, making getting in and out of the cabin easy for people of every age. 

If you’re behind the wheel, sitting high up off the ground also gives you a commanding view of the road ahead. This combined with the large glasshouse of an SUV gives SUV drivers an advantage on the road.

The higher ground clearance and the suspension also help when people have to drive over bad roads. The suspension soaks in the bumps while keeping passengers comfortable.

Car manufacturers have understood that people favor SUVs and are offering them in all segments and at all price points with a plethora of features to make them even more attractive. And this means there’s stiff competition among manufacturers to offer the best SUV at a competitive rate. They’re also working hard to ensure that SUVs are relatively inexpensive to live with. SUVs have become multiple types of vehicles rolled into one.

Should You Buy One?

Don’t worry about what people think. They’re wondering which one to buy as well. What’s interesting is how manufacturers have responded to the SUV craze. They’ve carved out new segments that didn’t even exist a few years ago. 

You can find one that’s almost made precisely for your requirements, driving needs, comfort, and budget. Manufacturers are continually looking for niches and filling them with options, even if it means cannibalizing their products. Sure, they’ll always drink more fuel and be heavier and more difficult to park. But for most people, the pros of an SUV seem to outweigh the cons.

So go on. Look for one that works for you. You may not find an SUV that’s great at being an SUV, but you’re likely to find one that has everything you need.