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This Is how You Can Reduce Noise by Using Home Decor

If you hear a lot of noise coming through the walls and ceilings, you may have thought about how you can stop it from disturbing you without having to move. Adding structural sound insulation is one option. But it’s not always feasible. There are a few other ways to reduce the amount of noise filtering into and out of your room.

Thick Carpet

Sound gets absorbed by soft surfaces and bounces off hard surfaces. So invest in a thick carpet that has a good quality underpad beneath it. The carpet absorbs some sound and will prevent furniture from making noise when it’s moved. If a thick carpet isn’t your thing, then layer area rugs over each other until it’s styled the way you like it.

Heavy Drapes

If you’re using wood shutters or metal blinds, you should consider switching them for heavy drapes or curtains. When we say heavy, we mean choosing a fabric like velvet. The same works if you have cotton or linen window coverings. If you choose heavy fabrics with pleated styles, you can even double or triple the noise deadening.

Soft Furnishings

Wherever possible, switch out hard furnishings for soft ones. Don’t eliminate them completely, but consider getting a soft side chair or an upholstered bench or stool in place of a hard coffee table. The more soft surfaces available, the better the sound deadening. This is because soft surfaces absorb noise while hard surfaces reflect it.

Wall Hangings

We’re not talking about paintings or photographs. If you want to dampen sound, consider fabric wall hangings. They’ll add color and patterns to your space while dampening sound. You could also try felt wall art. If you still want to mount your favorite artwork, there’s a sort of solution for that too. Try attaching a piece of foam all along the back of each artwork piece you mount. It won’t be as effective as the other options, but it will definitely help. It’s important to understand that no one thing will eliminate noise completely. Try using as many of these options as possible in combination in rooms and around your home to help dampen a lot of irritating sounds.