Top Ten Trucking Tips

Here’s how you can stay safe when you drive your truck.

There’s nothing more important than human life. That’s why in all industries, including the trucking industry, driver safety is of utmost importance. It doesn’t take much or even cost much to ensure that you’re safe on the road. Here are ten simple trips to ensure that you always reach your destination safe and sound.


This one’s a no brainer. Always wear your seatbelt. Despite knowing that it’s a lifesaver, one in six drivers doesn’t use it. In fact, 40% of crash-related deaths occur because a seatbelt was not worn. Wearing a seatbelt is the easiest way to reduce injuries during an accident.

Don’t Use Your Phone

When you’re driving, keep your eyes and your mind on the road. Using your phone while driving is careless, reckless, and illegal. If you use it, you could get hurt, and you could also hurt someone else.

Watch Your Speed

Speed limits are important for trucks. You know the load you’re hauling, and the amount of time it will take for you to come to a full stop. Plus, driving faster could cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Stay safe.

Avoid Alcohol And Drugs

Even though this one is very obvious, we need to say it. Never drive while under the influence of any substance like alcohol or any drugs or medication. It could impair your judgment, delay your responses, get you fired, and even cost you your life.

Plan Your Route

Life on the road isn’t predictable. Surprises and challenges could arise from anywhere. But if you prepare, you can handle them. Plan your driving hours, safe routes, check weather updates, potential stops, medical centers, etc.

Slow Down

Trucks, because of their size, can get tricky to handle. Be extra careful when you approach a turn, especially if it’s a blind corner. Prepare for the unexpected.

Mind The Space

Be aware of your truck’s dimensions. Know how tall and wide it is. Whenever you’re on the road, ensure there’s always a safe amount of space all around it.

Maintain Your Distance

The momentum of your truck can make stopping it a challenge. That’s why you should always maintain enough distance between you and other vehicles in front of you so that even in an emergency, you can bring the truck to a full stop safely.

Check The Weather

The weather is always unpredictable. You may have seen so much rain that you’ve distinguished it into 63 different types of rain. Keep track of the weather and road conditions you’re likely to face and prepare accordingly.

Eat, Rest, Drive

Driving is exhausting, and life on the road is tough. So it would help if you ate right in order to stay healthy. Always try and opt for a healthy option instead of junk and sugar. Whenever you stop, make sure you also get enough rest so that you’re always alert behind the wheel. 

Keep these simple tips in mind whenever you’re on the road. Your safety and well-being are important to us.