Used Cars: Busting The Myths

If you’re looking for a used car, we’re sure you’re doing a lot of research about them. You may have also heard some myths passed around as truths. We’re here to bust them and share important facts with you.

Search Online For The Best Used Cars

This is false. While there are some great deals available online, there’s nothing that beats going to a dealership and seeing the car for yourself. When you’re there in person, you’re also in a better position to negotiate after you thoroughly inspect the car and take it for a test drive.

 A lot of used car customers usually prefer dealerships, even if they don’t offer the lowest prices because of the experience they get at the dealership. Also, they can better understand financing and warranties at the dealership.

Dealers Will Always Upsell

Not true. Nobody wants you to buy a car you can’t afford. It’s not good for the dealer or you. You need a car, and the dealer wants to sell you one. Salespeople will try and see how far you’re willing to stretch your budget, but a responsible dealer will understand your income, expenses, and budget to understand which car is best for you. After all, a happy customer is more likely to return or recommend someone.

Buying A Used Car Is Stressful

This is false. Life is filled with situations that are difficult and stressful, and we don’t deny that buying a car can be one of those situations. However, if you come prepared with the right sort of information, know your budget, understand your requirements, and choose a responsible dealership, there’s no reason for the experience to be stressful. If you go prepared, then you’ll quickly be able to tell if that dealership has the car you need or not. You can keep moving until you find what you need, and once you do, you can complete the process quickly and affordably.

There’s No Way To Know Whether The Car’s Reliable

False. It’s actually not too hard to assess the condition of the car you’re interested in buying. Find the VIN number of the car, and then you can easily get access to its service history. In fact, a responsible dealer will have its service history for you to inspect as well. Some dealerships even upload the vehicle history report on their website so you can check it out even before dropping in at the dealership. 

Some used cars or car parts may still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, and some dealerships also offer limited warranties and service contracts themselves. Check all the paperwork, and the information you need will be there. 

These are the basic myths that surround used cars. Remember to approach the decision of buying a used car logically. Check for all the facts. Take your time. Be patient. Don’t let the stress of fear of price, time-limited deals stop you from finding the car you need.