What Is The Cost Of Medical Alert Systems

One of the key factors considered before installing a medical alert system, especially for seniors, is the cost that comes with it. There are a lot of different (often hidden) costs associated with your new medical alert service. These go above and beyond the base price you might have considered. 

Getting a medical alert system involves installing, maintaining, paying monthly fees and in certain cases, even getting add-on services. The cost purely depends on your requirements. Let’s take a look at how much money you would have to spend to get your home equipped with a medical alert system.

Installation Costs

One of the first things you’re going to pay for is the installation. However, not every system requires you to pay for it. The ones that need it, are often in the range of $100-$120. This might seem expensive at first, but you have to keep in mind that considering the systems are installed by professionals and it saves you the trouble of doing it yourself, the cost is worth it.

 Additionally, this is a one-time cost that you will have to incur. If you want to do away with installation charges though, you may want to consider a plug-and-play system. This kind of system only requires you to unpack the box, plug it in and start using it. Other systems that require installation need professional help as you may not want to void the warranty by damaging the device.

Total Cost: $0 – $200, one time

Base System and Accessories

A base system includes the main medical alert system, the pendant/wristband, and any additional accessories. It doesn’t include add-ons and extras that you can purchase separately and enhance the alert system. In terms of cost, many companies even lease out alert systems. In these versions, the extras and add-ons may make the monthly cost of the lease a little higher than others. 

If you wish to buy it, the average cost for the equipment is around $50 and this is a cost that you will have to incur with no choice. This, like the installation charges, is also a one-time cost.

Total Cost: $0 – $50, one time

Monthly Base Fees

The actual cost of monthly base fees depends on factors like the system you choose and the upgrades you add to the cart. The cheapest monthly plans cost approximately $20 per month. The advanced plans that offer additional features start somewhere close to $40-$50. It’s important to consider what’s included when planning the monthly base cost. Essentials like landline service, a base system, and a pendant/wristband should be featured in the package. 

Additional features like fall detection, a lockbox, medication reminders or access to doctors at any time are features that can be added depending on the personal requirement and medical condition. 

Total Cost: $20 – $50, monthly


Some companies provide features like fall detection, additional pendants, reminders as add-ons and upgrades. These can cost as low as $5 and as much as $20 per month. A bundle of upgrades may even fetch you a monthly discount from some companies. 

Total Cost: $5 – $20, per upgrade, monthly