What You Should Consider Before Buying Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor spaces are special. They’re comfortable because they’re a part of our home and because we’re outside, it’s refreshing, fun, and relaxing. This makes it very important that you choose the right outdoor furniture. There are several factors you need to consider. Let’s take a look at them.


Being exposed to the elements is hard on all furniture, irrespective of the climate. Hot and dry conditions can make wood splinter and crack, whereas a lot of moisture can promote rot. Strong winds can send lightweight furniture flying, but salty air can make iron rust. Sunlight will bleach fabrics, and degrade all synthetic material. So, understand the weather and the material’s properties when you buy outdoor furniture. Remember that it should last you at least a decade, if not more.


Take a look at the amount of space and the shape of your outdoor area. Use these details to furnish the space just like you would do with your living room. Leave enough space for people to walk around the furniture without obstructions. If it’s a small space, use a bar table with stools or a cafe or bistro table and chairs instead of normal ones. Make a rough sketch of the space and mention the dimensions. Carry the measuring tape and the sketch when you go furniture shopping.


Does your outdoor space have overheard coverings? Will your outdoor furniture be placed on a wooden deck, a paved patio, or on mud and grass? Factor these details into your purchase because different surfaces suit different materials. Soft woods don’t do well in exposed areas or on grass. Whereas metal may damage your wooden floors.


The entire point of outdoor furniture is to help you relax. So test each piece for comfort before you buy it. If the chairs or lounges don’t come with cushions, buy them yourself. Use good quality fade- and mildew-resistant outdoor fabric. Consider hammocks and daybeds to add to the relaxed atmosphere as well.


Ensure that you can store your outdoor furniture in a safe space during winter. If you have limited space, buy furniture that folds flat. Treat your outdoor furniture well so it lasts for a long time.